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Calvex, LLC is a 100% veteran-owned, nationwide company with 25 years of combined experience providing controlled environmental chambers and services to the scientific community that are designed to provide a high degree of sustainability, reliability, and efficiency. We offer the knowledge and expertise to provide a full line of services including chamber design and installation, preventive maintenance, calibration, start-up, commissioning and qualification to help keep your stability chambers, incubators, autoclaves and other equipment compliant. You will receive customized services to fit your project needs.

Built on layers of experience, integrity, and values, we are committed to providing precision data and technical expertise for industries throughout the science world. Our goals continue to be client-focused, performance-based, and driven by individual excellence and personal integrity.


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Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson

President, Calvex, LLC

Joe was a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the US Navy from 1993 – 1999  involved in the commissioning, qualification, operation, maintenance and repair of complex naval nuclear reactor instrumentation and control systems and reactor plant support systems.  Joe was involved in operation Desert Shield and received many awards and honors!

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T.H., Director,  ABC Analytical

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